Arts for  Change Foundation presents ARTSFORCHANGE creative talent hunt to promote and stimulate creativity among Nigerian youths. Through this project, it is expected that outstanding creativity and talent will be exposed through the widest choice of entries projected. In the past years, a large entries were received and rewarded with prizes.

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Participation is FREE and participant must be 18 years and above. To download participation form, click Form button

Entries are welcomed from all gender and all over the country.

All entries must not exceed 3 X 4 ft (90cm X 120cm).

For visual artwork, it must be submitted in three pictures, with one showing the face of the participant.

Crafts are to be submitted in a 30-second video and a picture that shows the work and the face of the participant.

All entries adjudged for final consideration are to be requested for physical submission.


Materials of works must reflect authentic Nigerian culture.


All participants for the final are are to meet with the award panel to defend their works and possibly recreate same in a live recording.

Stimulate Creativity Among Nigerian Youths

Visual Art Work

Arts is dynamic. Express your creativity in boundless quantity. Unleash the power arts to make a change in the society.

Paint Art Work

Use the power of colours to express yourself through paintings. Combine colours to make a statement

Craft Art Work

Your artistic license gives you the power to interpret the ordinary into meaningful and valuable object. That’s the power of talent. Express it and showcase it all forms

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Looking for the best way to showcase your talent to the world and let the world see the real talent in you.

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Rules and Regulations

1. To enter, entrant must be 18+ years of age by May 2024 and must be resident in Nigeria.

2. Only up to two pieces of work may be entered.

3. Entries should be submitted in original format and conform to guidelines.

4. Entries can only be made in one zone.

5. The Judging Panel is responsible for the allocation of awards and the decision of the Judging Panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding that decision.
6. All final entries have the opportunity to go on exhibition for consideration of the general public and most importantly to raise money for the artists.


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